Roundup for July 2014

7 Steps to Create a Good Nonprofit Blog (Fundraising Pulse)

My Big Fat Problem With Social Media Measurement (J Campbell Social Marketing)

Nonprofit Goals Determine Marketing Strategy (Red Rooster Group)

The Power of Taking Stock: 5 Reasons to Conduct Evaluations (Philanthropy411 Blog)

Why Your Nonprofit Should Conduct Surveys (Red Rooster Group)

Designing Nonprofit Experiences (npENGAGE)

Your Nonprofit’s Success Starts with Getting Discovered | 3 Steps You Need to Take (npENGAGE)

The Essentials to Writing a Content Marketing Strategy | Every Nonprofit Communicator Needs to See This (npENGAGE)

6 Problems Solved By a Written Content Strategy (npENGAGE)

Take A Hike: What Trekking Can Teach You About Digital Engagement (Sea Change Strategies)

Who Needs to Hear Your Nonprofit’s Message? (Red Rooster Group)

5 Story Starters You Can Steal (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Follow up can be your differentiator (Sea Change Strategies)

10 Tips to Improve Your Online Donations Page (The Fundraising Resource Blog)

Christmas in July: Plan now for end of year giving (Sarah W Mackey)

10 Ways Your Brand Can Stand Out on Twitter (A New Marketing Commentator)

How to Take Advantage of Google for Nonprofits (Michelle Chaplin)

No Kid Hungry: Summer Feeding and Summer Fun (First Book Blog)

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Roundup for June 2014

5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit Email Newsletter (J Campbell Social Marketing)

10 Easy A/B Tests for Your Email (Michelle Chaplin)

3 Things You Can do Today to Move your Nonprofit Marketing Forward (Jessica Green)

Nonprofit Marketing Tips from 19 Experts (

Do Nonprofits Really Need a Brand? (Red Rooster Group)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Data (Idealware)

4 Disney Lessons to Transform Your Donor Retention (

Falling Donor Retention Rates and 5 Ways you can Reverse the Trend (Fundraising Pulse)

Learning from Failure: Building Online Communities (TechSoup)

Top 10 Topics For Small Membership Organizations (Wild Apricot)

Three questions to help you evaluate your campaign’s success (Big Duck)

How To Make Your Non-Profit Stand Out (The Storytelling Non-Profit)

Non-Profit Storytelling Resource Round Up – Vol. 2 (The Storytelling Non-Profit)

7 Tips for Using Quotes for Your Nonprofit’s Content Strategy (Beth’s Blog)

Quotes: Imagination and Ideas (Thunderhead Works)

Top 5 Nonprofit Charities Founded by Players in the 2014 NBA Finals (Fundraising Pulse)

A soccer story: 20 years ago, the World Cup came to DC and SCORES was born (DC SCORES)


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Roundup for May 2014

3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Don’t Do Storytelling (J Campbell Social Marketing)

6 Types of Stories that Spur Giving (The Nonprofit Marketing Blog)

10 Ways to Build Loyalty Among Online Community Members (J Campbell Social Marketing)

10 Ways Nonprofits Can Succeed with Visual Marketing (J Campbell Social Marketing)

10 Social Media Tips for Non-Profits (The Fundraising Resource Group)

Five Steps to Take Before Starting a Website Redesign (LipmanHearne Commons)

How Tech is Changing Fundraising (The Collins Group)

Nonprofit Communications Strategy: Did you succeed? (Communicate and Howe!)

Nonprofits – How to Use Social Media to Build Donor Loyalty (Double the Donation)

Don’t Put All of Your Direct Marketing Eggs in One Basket (CCAH’s Industry Voices)

Building a Case for Support (Red Rooster Group)

Stop Being the Best Kept Secret in Town (Get Fully Funded)

Use Your Newsletters to Keep Donors Loyal, Focused, and Giving (The Nonprofit Marketing Blog)

Tools Galore: How To Track What Content Resonates With Your Audiences (frogloop)

Is Your Nonprofit Spending Enough Money On Digital? (frogloop)

Nonprofit Crisis Communcations—Case Study (Getting Attention)

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Roundup for April 2014

Still Blogging? You’re Not Alone (Idealware)

Who’s Segmenting Email, Why, and Why Not [Infographic] (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

If Google were a nonprofit, what would its website look like? And what could your nonprofit learn from its design? (npENGAGE)

Is It Time to Rebrand? (Red Rooster Group)

Spring Cleaning for your Creative (CCAH’s Industry Voices)

The Nine Steps of Planning a Successful Technology Project (TechSoup Blog)

Content Curation: The Art and Science of Spotting Awesome (Beth’s Blog)

6 Steps to Building an Engaged Staff Writing Team (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

A Little Bit of Proofreading Goes a Long Way (Event Fundraising Blog)

Show Your Donors How You Are Making a Difference (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

What Cap’n Crunch Can Teach You About Fundraising (The Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

How a Food Bank Keeps Volunteers Happy and Coming Back for More ( Nonprofit Charitable Orgs)

Millennial Generation: Strategies to Engage and Communicate in the Philanthropic World (eJewish Philanthropy)

Top Three Worklace Giving Insights from America’s Charities 2014 Snapshot (Double the Donation)

On Earth Day: Celebrating projects to study and protect wildlife in the Bay Area (Christine Sculati’s Blog)

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Roundup for March 2014

Got a Blog? It Could Be a Perpetual Content Creating Machine for Your Nonprofit ( Nonprofit Charitable Orgs)

How Are You Telling Your Stories? (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

5-Star Storytelling Success Story (Getting Attention)

Curating Content: How to Leverage Stories from Your Community (npENGAGE)

Four Online Fundraising Pitfalls—And How to Avoid Them (ASU Lodestar Center Blog)

How I Would Evaluate Your Email Newsletter (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

How great content can help you raise more money (Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

Kick-Start Yourself with a Communications Grid (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Map Your Way to Relevant Nonprofit Messages (Getting Attention)

Are you using that all wrong?  (

Five Actions to Enable an Efficient Two-Way Communication (npENGAGE)

From the Olympics to the Oscars – Non-profit Newsjacking Gold (Wild Apricot Blog)

Just Released: The Digital Giving Index (The Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

New Study Shows People Don’t Read Articles, they Retweet (frogloop)

Freshen Things Up With Some Spring Cleaning (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

Mobile Marketing and the Wizard of Oz (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Winning People Over to Your Cause – Part One: Welcome Change (Engaging Volunteers)

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