About the Nonprofit Blog Exchange

Welcome to The Nonprofit Blog Exchange blog! My name is Emily Weinberg and I am the organizer and blogger of this blog/project. I started the blog in 2005 to connect nonprofit bloggers with each other. (It was originally on Blogger and moved to WordPress in 2010)

There are about 150 nonprofit blogs listed. Nonprofit bloggers sign up their blog and then I add them to the list. (Please read How to Submit Your Nonprofit Blog if you would like to be added to the list)

I write roundups that link to blog entries of blogs that are part of the exchange. The links are usually about blogging, social media, fundraising, communications, web management, and nonprofit news.

About Me

In addition to this blog, I also have a blog called Emily’s World where I write about nonprofits, technology, and social media.

I am involved in the nonprofit technology community and enjoy keeping up with the latest news in nptech.

View my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my background and connect with me. (let me know you are a reader of the blog)