Roundup for March 2016

Are Nonprofits Missing the Point of Being on Social Media?  ( Nonprofit Charitable Orgs)

A Minimalist Guide to Nonprofit Social Media: Rock 3 Online Venues ( Nonprofit Charitable Orgs)

Is Nonprofit Social Media A Waste of Time?  (J Campbell Social Marketing)

Editorial Planning When Everything Is Up in the Air (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

ACTION! 61 Words & Phrases for Email Advocacy Campaigns (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

How to Start Telling Stories (The Storytelling Non-Profit)

Which Story Should We Tell? Three Tips to Make Your Decision (The Storytelling Non-Profit)

4 Inspirational “Share Your Story” Pages That Will Knock Your Socks Off  (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

4 Ways to Motivate Story Collection at Your Organization (Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

How the Power of Storytelling helped them raise $12,000 in 12 days  (Get Fully Funded Blog)

Nothing Debatable About It (eJewish Philanthropy)

What Do Your Donors Think?  (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

Are You a Robot or a Human? (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

Designing an Online Donation Page: The Basics (Wild Apricot Blog)

3 E-Newsletter Sign-Up Boxes I Like (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Craft a Positive “Page Not Found” Experience (Getting Attention Blog)

Nonprofit Stories 

Technology in the Garden  (Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden)

An Educator’s Campaign to Revitalize Her Library (First Book)

Welcome Home! Here’s a Look at the New, Happy Lives of Adopted NC Rescue Pets (ASPCA)

Ms. Ritchie’s Read to Feed FAQs (Heifer Blog)

In Case You Missed It: March Favorites from the Heifer-verse (Heifer Blog)

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Roundup for December 2015

Make it Easy to Stay in Touch with Your Donors by Using a Communications Calendar (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

6 Things You Need for a Successful Year-End Email (The Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

Top 7 online giving tips for nonprofits (Neighborworks Blog)

Examples of Monthly Giving Pages That Stir Hearts ( Nonprofit Charitable Orgs)

A Recipe for the Perfect Nonprofit E-Newsletter (Wild Woman Fundraising)

How to Maintain Relationships with Volunteers Using the Internet (Engaging Volunteers)

Twitter’s Most Useful New Features for Nonprofits (TechSoup)

How To Make Your YouTube Channel Look Great in 2016 (See What’s Out There)

Our 10 Favorite Nonprofit Blog Posts of 2015 (See What’s Out There)

The Top Engaging Volunteers Posts from the Past Five Years (Engaging Volunteers)

End of Year

Top Ten Posts of 2015 (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Year-End Round Up: Top 10 Blog Articles from 2015 (Get Fully Funded)

Let the Countdown Begin! The Top 15 Engaging Volunteers Posts of ’15 (Engaging Volunteers)

Top 10 Facebook Posts of 2015 (Chesapeake Bay Foundation Blog)

Telling the Story of Animals Through Videos – Our Top Videos of 2015 (Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation)

12 Wins for Wildlife YOU Made Possible in 2015 (Wildlife Promise)

The Year that Was: 2015 (Defenders of Wildlife Blog)

Conservation news highlights from 2015 (Scat! Conservation Northwest’s Blog)

Celebrating an Amazing Year of Happy Tails (ASPCA)

15 stories to celebrate 2015 (DC SCORES)

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Roundup for November 2015

Five Ways to Develop Your Blog Strategy to Educate Event Participants (Event Fundraising Blog)

9 Super Scary Nonprofit Website Mistakes (Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

Three Last Minute Tips for #GivingTuesday (Care2)

The Psychology Behind Donation Pages (Red Rooster Group)

10 Tips to Improve Your Year-end Donation Pages (TechSoup)

[Guest Post] 6 Optimization Hacks for Your Nonprofit’s Online Donations Forms  (Double the Donation)

How Digital and Social Media Tools Have Transformed Nonprofits [Infographic] (J Campbell Social Marketing)

The Truth About Nonprofit Storytelling (npENGAGE)

7 easy ways to make your websites more accessible (Easter Seals)

Quick tips for writing effective year-end emails (Big Duck)


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Roundup for September 2015

Top Fundraising Blogs  (Double The Donation Blog)

These 7 Questions Will Keep Your Nonprofit Website Redesign Project from Failing Miserably (Salsa Labs Blog)

SHOW US YOUR LISTS! 8 Ideas for Nonprofit Twitter Lists  (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Social Media Metrics That Matter (Community Organizer 2.0)

6 best practices for delivering progress reports to your major gift and legacy supporters (MarketSmart’s Blog)

Sharing Your Progress: 12 Phrases that Give Your Donors Credit for Helping (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Don’t Forget the Why (Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

7 Can’t-Miss FREE #GivingTuesday Resources for Nonprofits (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

How to Shift Giving: New Money for Good Research Released (Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

The Top 6 Corporate Philanthropy Infographics (Double the Donation Blog)

How You Can Share Accomplishments Without Bragging (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

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Nonprofit Blog Exchange Celebrates 10 Years

The Nonprofit Blog Exchange has now been around for 10 years! It started off as virtual events connecting nonprofit bloggers with each other and a place to see links to nonprofit blogs. Now it is known as a source for news in nonprofit technology with the roundups.

To celebrate 10 years, I will be making some changes to continue the success of this blog/project.

Here are some of the changes that will be made:

1) I am officially announcing that the virtual events are now over due to the lack of interest. Social media has now allowed bloggers to connect with each other better and there is no need for this.

2) The Nonprofit Blog Exchange will be the place to see links to nonprofit blogs. You don’t need to sign-up to be listed anymore. I will be looking for blogs to add to the list. There will still be a form though to add your nonprofit blog if it is not linked yet. The same rules will still be applied for me to add the blog to the list. If you are currently listed, it will be noted on the list that you were part of the original list.

3) Roundups will no longer include blogs for nonprofit organizations. According to my stats, it seems like my readers would rather read links to blog entries about nonprofits. The end of year roundups will still include organizations as those are always interesting to read.

4) One of my goals of the exchange was to increase awareness of nonprofit organization blogs. This goal has not been reached yet. Each month I will pick a theme and write a post that links to blogs for nonprofit organizations.

5) I will begin putting together reports about nonprofit blogging. I already mentioned about the report about nonprofit organization blogs in my last post. There will be 2 reports related to blogs for organizations. The first one will be from a reader perspective and the second will be from organizations filling out information. The other report will be about blogs about nonprofits – what topics people write about related to nonprofits, how they are promoting blog, and other related info.

6) I will begin putting together a summary of nptech yearly trends based on blog entries linked in the roundups about nonprofits. I have already begun looking at my data and it is very interesting to see how nptech has changed throughout the years. Analysis of this data for the first ten years (or whenever it was I started collecting this data) will be posted in early 2016. Then each year I will posting this information.

7) I will be adding a section with links to blog entries about topics in nptech.
More information will be posted as I add these new ideas.

Tweet me at @np_blogexchange with any comments, questions, or blog additions.

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