Nonprofit Blog Exchange Celebrates Two Years

August 11, 2007 at 10:18 pm

The Nonprofit Blog Exchange has been around for two years! It started in August 2005 with a pilot version of the virtual event. The virtual event was what the nonprofit blog exchange was. The goal of the exchange (now called virtual event) was for nonprofit bloggers to blog about about another nonprofit blog.

Read more about the beginnings of the Nonprofit Blog Exchange at Information about the Nonprofit Blog Exchange and Evaluation and the Future of the Nonprofit Blog Exchange.

What has the Nonprofit Exchange accomplished?

  • 6 Virtual Events
  • As of now, 150+ feeds in the blogroll
  • A year of roundups to Nonprofit Blog Exchange participants blogs

It is important to note that the blog is not what makes the nonprofit blog exchange what it is. This means, it is not updated as much since the main focus of the blog is news about the nonprofit blog exchange. It is mainly used a resource to find nonprofit blogs.

Looking back at the original goals of the exchange and where we are now, here are my thoughts about the future:

  • We currently have about 100 blogs interested in the virtual events. However, in each event, only about 15 bloggers are interested. Why is this happening? Usually, I get the same bloggers in each event, with a few different ones. Sometimes it is hard to pair bloggers up because they have been paired up with most of the bloggers before. I try to hold these events every few months so we can get new members of the exchange to be a part of the virtual events and to hopefully have a different group interested. As of now, most of the blogs in these events are personal blogs, but there are a few nonprofits that have participated.
  • I am noticing that nonprofit organizations do not want to participate. This is fine, because I understand it gets in the way of the blog. But if an organization has checked that they are interested, maybe I can organize an exchange where organizations can submit their entries to me and I post it on here.
  • The roundups are a good idea and I am glad I started those. I am going to try to mention new blogs added to the exchange in these roundups as well. Also, I plan to link more to entries on nonprofit blogs. It’s important to keep up with news at these nonprofits.

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