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March 21, 2007 at 11:00 pm

This post was written by Stephanie Richardson of First Book. They are celebrating the one year anniversary of their blog next week!

Technology offers many opportunities to enterprising organizations that are willing to stretch themselves and think creatively about their outreach efforts. Every time you think you have a firm hold of something, a new idea or tool comes along which forces you to reevaluate your strategy. That’s the best and worst part of the speed with which things move online today- there’s no time to sit still, or everyone else will pass you by.

When First Book launched its blog ( in April of 2006, it was our first concentrated effort to harness this online energy in one place. Our staff blogs about a wide variety of topics, some of them directly related to our work and some only peripherally so. Some staff members have submitted blogs about their experiences traveling to book distributions around the country, while others have written about the latest Harry Potter novel or their attempts to make Green Eggs and Ham (have you ever seen green bacon!?).

The idea is to appeal to the widest range of readers as possible. It stands to reason that if a J.K. Rowling fan searches on Google for Harry Potter and finds his way to our site and, once here, takes a look at some of the other posts we have, he might be interested enough to come back.

This is exactly how podcasts and guest bloggers have come in to play. First Book staff members have had the opportunity to interview several prominent authors and public figures on our own, while at other times our corporate and publishing partners have provided us with podcasts that we are able to host on our blog or link to on their site. For example, our friends at Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories recently interviewed Doreen Cronin, author of Click, Clack, Moo and Diary of a Worm, which they generously shared with us.

First Book reaches out to other blogs and fan sites with these podcasts as incentive for them to visit our site, all in an effort to spread our mission and increase name recognition with online visitors interested in a variety of areas related to books and children’s literacy.


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