Roundup for February 2007

February 17, 2007 at 10:00 pm

Blogging, Tagging, RSS

The Raiser’s Razor blog posted a Chart of Blogs on Fundraising.

The Bamboo Project blog posted an entry titled A Librarian Asks “What’s the Big Deal About Blogs?”.

Where Most Needed wrote an entry about blogging and charity blogs.

Beth of Beth’s Blog wrote about her screencast on tagging.

Charity Badges / Fundraising Widgets

Betsy of Betsy’s Blog wrote an entry titled Widgets To Promote Personal Fundraising. After writing this entry, she wrote a message to the N-TEN discussion list asking questions about fundraising widgets. Michael of See What’s Out There wrote an entry summarizing this discussion on the list.

Steve of nfp 2.0 posted an entry titled An interview with the Widget King. This interview was with Carnet of ChipIn.

NpTech Tag

Beth of Beth’s Blog wrote an entry about the NpTech Mashup idea.

Allan of the Non-Profit Tech Blog shares his thoughts about nptech and .

Other Topics

Nancy of Getting Attention was recently the host of the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants. The entry for this carnival is found at How Nonprofit Communicators Can Cut Through the Clutter to Engage Overloaded Audiences.

Christine of wrote about Web 2.0 Goal-Setting at The New York Times.

Marty of Network-Centric Advocacy wrote an entry about ways to organize locally on the internet.

The First Book Blog wrote about their partnership with Encyclopaedia Britannica.


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