Roundup 2 for November 2006

November 24, 2006 at 7:15 am

What have some of the Nonprofit Blog Exchange participants been writing about since my last roundup?

  • Nancy of Getting Attention recently hosted the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants at her blog. The topic was Social Networking and her post highlights 11 blog entries on this topic.
  • Marc of npMarketing Blog read the carnival post and wrote his thoughts on social networking.
  • Christine of posted an entry about new Web 2.0 Products.
  • Hilary of online content thoughts and ideas works at The National Association of Realtors. They recently held a conference and she created a conference blog. Her blog entry mentions the purpose, possible topics, requirements, and other information about the blog. I think this is a great example of how to plan a blog.
  • Are you interested in online gaming? The CharityBlog points their readers to Village in their post titled Social Enterprise Online Gaming.
  • Patricia of Worlds Touch created a Google Calendar to announce events and meetings. She writes about this experience at her entry titled Google and Blogger and Worlds Touch.
  • Random Thoughts on Life and Work posted an entry about ideas for nonprofit websites.
  • Where Most Needed has an entry about an article on The Washington Post titled Personal Payoff-Corporate Types Help Themselves by Helping Nonprofits
  • Children’s Book Week was recently celebrated. To celebrate this week, First Book posted podcasts with authors of children’s books.

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Roundup for November 2006 Nonprofit Blogging Article on Chronicle of Philanthropy

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