Evaluation and the Future of the Nonprofit Blog Exchange

September 24, 2005 at 10:47 pm

It’s time to evaulate the pilot version of the nonprofit blog exchange and figure out the next steps of this project.

I have a few ideas for the next steps and I was able to hear from some participants about their thoughts of this project through the survey.

My Thoughts

The Nonprofit Blog Exchange did not go as planned. Half the participants did not participate and write an entry in their blog. I know some of these participants were not happy with the blog that I picked for them to exchange with. Maybe these participants did not get a chance to participate because they were too busy. I am not sure what the answer is, but I am glad that half the participants were able to participate.

Since participants were not happy with the blog they were going to be exchanged with, I posted the list during the whole week of the exchange. Then I changed the rules at the last minute and came up with another suggestion for the exchange to link blog entries. My original idea was to link entries that mentioned the blog exchange. That went well except not everyone e-mailed me their entry. My new idea was to have participants send me the URL of an entry from their blog that they would like to share at the exchange. That did not go too well though. Some participants perferred to just link their blog and not a specific entry.

It seems like most participants enjoyed seeing the list of blogs. I think that is going to be a big part of this exchange.

Survey Results

Most participants wanted to learn about other blogs, promote their blog, and to have a central location to browse nonprofit blogs.

Everyone who filled out the survey was interested in having another Nonprofit Blog Exchange. More people were interested in having it either every month or twice a year. Some were interested in having it as an ongoing event or having it every week.

Most people were interested in having another exchange just like this one with exchanging blogs, seeing a list of blogs that were signed up, and having specific blog entries linked from the Nonprofit Blog Exchange Blog. Most people were also interested in seeing the list of blogs updated weekly.

Suggestions for the future from the Survey Results

  • Participants recieving an introduction about the writer of the blog they are exchanging with
  • Let participants choose which blog they are exchanging with
  • Participating blogs should be nonprofits, not technical providers who blog
  • Organizing blogs by searchable categories
  • Limit participating blogs to blogs that represent non-profit organizations, have posted at least twice a week in the month before the exchange, have at least 10 entries before the blog exchange
  • Participants should not only mention the Nonprofit Blog Exchange in their entry, but also comment on the blog they have been exchanged with and include a link to that blog in their entry
  • Blog Carnival

My Suggestions and Thoughts About The Survey Results

The original idea suggested by Deborah:

“We should get a group of folks who work for or with mission-based organizations, throw their names in a hat, and randomly assign each one to be a guest blogger for a day on somebody else’s nonprofit blog.

I’d love to see everyone publishing short blog articles on some aspect of his/her work that might affect a completely different area of the nonprofit sector: environmentalists posting to child welfare blogs, economic development advocates posting to public health blogs, international disaster relief workers posting to historic preservation blogs, education activists posting to election reform blogs, and nonprofit technology assistance providers posting to human rights blogs. “

For those of you who preferred to see just nonprofit blogs or nonprofit technology blogs, you will see above that the idea was to include both these blogs. From this survey and the e-mails I recieved, I realized bloggers at nonprofits and nonprofit technologists who blog had different thoughts about this project. In fact, I think they have different thoughts about the online presence of nonprofits. Listed below are my thoughts about this issue.

  • Nonprofit Technologists help Nonprofit Organizations with their technology issues and their online presence. That means technology companies do have non-profit organizations as clients. These companies help organizations with technology topics like developing & designing websites, databases, e-mail campaigns, technology training, or technology support.

  • For nonprofit technologists, remember your job might be to assist nonprofits with their web presence. Non-profits will be communicating their information online to members of their organization or others interested in their mission. Non-profits will be posting information related to education or news about their mission either on their website or blog. As a nonprofit technologist, you may or may not agree with the mission of a particular organization, but you are there to assist with technology.
  • For nonprofits, you communicate with technologists when you need help with your technology problems or need assistance with your website. By looking at nonprofit technology blogs, you might be able to learn something about technology that could help your organization with technology issues.

It was also mentioned that participants should comment on the blog they have been exchanged with. That was part of the original idea. However, this could not happen with all blogs because some blogs do not have comments on their blog.

For the Next Blog Exchange

  • Participants will be able to request if they would like to be exchanged with a nonprofit technology blog or a blog for an organization.
  • Participants will be given an introduction before the exchange about the writer and more information about the blog they are exchanging with.
  • There will be more rules for participating in the exchange.

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