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Roundup for March 2014

Got a Blog? It Could Be a Perpetual Content Creating Machine for Your Nonprofit ( Nonprofit Charitable Orgs)

How Are You Telling Your Stories? (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

5-Star Storytelling Success Story (Getting Attention)

Curating Content: How to Leverage Stories from Your Community (npENGAGE)

Four Online Fundraising Pitfalls—And How to Avoid Them (ASU Lodestar Center Blog)

How I Would Evaluate Your Email Newsletter (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

How great content can help you raise more money (Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

Kick-Start Yourself with a Communications Grid (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Map Your Way to Relevant Nonprofit Messages (Getting Attention)

Are you using that all wrong?  (

Five Actions to Enable an Efficient Two-Way Communication (npENGAGE)

From the Olympics to the Oscars – Non-profit Newsjacking Gold (Wild Apricot Blog)

Just Released: The Digital Giving Index (The Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

New Study Shows People Don’t Read Articles, they Retweet (frogloop)

Freshen Things Up With Some Spring Cleaning (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

Mobile Marketing and the Wizard of Oz (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Winning People Over to Your Cause – Part One: Welcome Change (Engaging Volunteers)

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Roundup for February 2014

Blogging, Content, and Website Management

How To Spread Your Org’s Story Through Developing a Purposeful Blogging Strategy (Next Level Nonprofits)

3 Key Attributes to Boost Your Non Profit’s Blogging Abilities (See What’s Out There)

10 Must-Have Elements for Nonprofit Websites (npENGAGE)

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 3: Content Strategy (npENGAGE)

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 4a: Sitemaps (npENGAGE)

Keeping Your Website Relevant for Your Participants (Event Fundraising Blog)

Is your nonprofit content URGENT? (The Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

Drowning in Content? Curated Link Roundups Can Help ( Nonprofit Charitable Orgs)

Bring Great Content Home Every Time (Getting Attention)

Fundraising and Donors

Tips and Resources for Evaluating your Fundraising Efforts (Get Fully Funded)

9 Underutilized Emails that Improve Donor Retention (npENGAGE)

Don’t Let Your Donors Pack Up and Leave  (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

7 Ways to Make 2014 the Year of the Donor (The Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

3 Myths of Email Fundraising (

5 Ways Nonprofit Fundraisers are Like Olympic Athletes (“With”isms from Lori)

6 Mistakes Nonprofits Make in Online Fundraising ( Nonprofit Charitable Orgs)

7 Ways to Integrate Stories into Your Donor Stewardship (npENGAGE)

Other Topics

How Are You Segmenting Your Email List? (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

January 2014 Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Measurement and Learning (Beth’s Blog)

Five Ways to Make Friends on Twitter and Market Yourself or Your Organization (The PR Toolkit for Nonprofits)

10 Insanely Useful Free Twitter Tools for Nonprofits (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Using Signage to Drive Social Media Traffic (A New Marketing Commentator)

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2013 End of Year Roundup


Our top nonprofit marketing posts of 2013 (The Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

Top Posts of 2013 – What Were Your Faves? (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Inspiring Volunteering Moments of 2013 (Engaging Volunteers)

Best of the Wild Apricot Blog in 2013 (Wild Apricot)

112 Nonprofit Blog Posts, Articles, and Stories from 2013 You Can’t Miss (npENGAGE)

The 13 Most Popular Posts of 2013 (Engaging Volunteers)

I Bet You’d Never Guess Which Topics Were Most Popular on npEngage in 2013..or would you? (npENGAGE)

Our favorite 13 posts of 2013 (Idealist)

Lessons Learned in 2013 (Wild Apricot)

Top 5 Philanthropy Reads of 2013 (FORUM’S Forum)

Blogs That Engaged and Enraged in 2013 (Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation)

Top 10 News Stories for HSUS in 2013 (Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation)

The ASPCA’s Top 10 State Legislative Victories in 2013 (ASPCA Blog)

Popular Posts from 2013 (Nonprofit Law Blog)

My Annual Report (Wild Woman Fundraising)

10 Most Popular Posts of 2013 (Social Velocity)

Ten Things to Celebrate in 2013 (Balancing the Mission Checkbook)

Top 10 Events in 2013 (Nonprofit Law Blog)

13 stories that defined DC SCORES in 2013 (DC SCORES)

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Roundup for December 2013

Fundraising, Donors, Donation Pages

3 reasons donors won’t give—and what to do about it (The Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

One thing you should do to increase donations: Be laser focused (Sea Change Strategies)

Donation Page Do’s and Don’ts (Wild Apricot Blog)

How nonprofits can increase year-end online donations (Nonprofits, Technology, and Social Media)

Simple tips that bring BIG fundraising results (Get Fully Funded Blog)

End-of-Year Giving: Fundraising Appeals Our Experts Love (npENGAGE)

Websites and Blogs

Six Reasons Why Your Website Can Scare Donors (npENGAGE)

Is your website broken? (The Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

Preparing Your Website for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Nonprofit Websites that Work: Showcase Your Nonprofit’s Personality, Passion & Impact (Getting Attention)

7 Tips to Start a Guest Blogging Program  (frogloop)

Marketing, Communications, and Annual Reports

10 Tips for Almost Perfect Subject Lines (The Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

Creating a Marketing Plan (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

How to Write Killer Talking Points (Thunderhead Works)

Insider Tips for Nonprofit Content Marketing at Healthcare Organizations (npENGAGE)

5 Steps to Content Marketing Success for Arts and Cultural Nonprofits (npENGAGE)

Five Elements of Every Successful Nonprofit Annual Report (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Nonprofit Annual Reports on YouTube and Pinterest (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media

Comparing Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages (Your Internet Strategies)

Facebook as Marketing Tool for Nonprofits (Big Duck Blog)

What great nonprofit LinkedIn pages are doing right (Communicate and Howe!)

10 great nonprofit LinkedIn pages (Communicate and Howe!)

Infographic: How Foundations Use Social Media (frogloop)


5 Useful Presentations about Volunteer Engagement from SlideShare (Engaging Volunteers)

Show Volunteers How They’ve Made a Difference (Wild Apricot Blog)

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Roundup for November 2013

Adding a Blog to Your Website and Promoting It (TechSoup)

Curating Nonprofit News (Community Organizer 2.0)

Raising Awareness Through Newsjacking (Wild Apricot Blog)

Three Essential Ways Your Nonprofit Should Be Using Social Media (npENGAGE)

Nonprofit Content Marketing – Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends for 2014 (npENGAGE)

Attention Nonprofit #DataNerds: A Few Recent Research Studies on Data, Technology, Funding, and Trends (Beth’s Blog)

5 communication tools every nonprofit needs (Communicate and Howe!)

The New War on Social Media Vanity Metrics (frogloop)

11 Ways Your Museum Should be using Twitter (npENGAGE)

3 ways to wake up your donors (The Non-Profit Marketing Blog)

The Year is Almost Over. Are You on Target With Your Goals? (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

How to Make Your Website Donor-Friendly (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

One thing you should do today to increase donations (Sea Change Strategies)

Nonprofit Storytelling—Breaking Bad Style (Getting Attention)

New Infographic: Holiday Online Fundraising Guide (DonationPay)

2013 Annual Report: Solving Hunger Together (Feeding America Blog)

How to Make Holidays Your Volunteer Recruitment Ace-in-the-Hole (Engaging Volunteers)

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